Who Can Give Me A Prescription For Medical Cannabis ?

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January 10, 2018

Medical Conditions

Do you suffer from any medical condition that have not given up despites the tons of traditional treatment you have applied? The solution might just be medical marijuana this might sound like an outlawed initiative but with the recent trend in medical cannabis and also the several testimonies associated with the use of this drug, you cannot afford to give it a trial. If you are resident in a location with several medical marijuana laws, you are advised to follow a due process in getting a medicinal cannabis prescription and this you can achieve by finding a marijuana doctor to sign your forms. However, the idea of medical cannabis is still a topic that surfaces with lots of controversies in the medical community particularly in North America and quite a number of doctors are not on board for prescribing it as a treatment and this is because people do not really want to get into the business. Truth be said, it might be a bit difficult finding a licensed doctor that will agree to write you a prescription, this might take time and research as well but it is not farfetched. Let’s get this straight, any licensed healthcare provider, which could include your primary physician or a family doctor as many will refer to them can write you a medical marijuana recommendation or prescription. In many cases, this primary physicians after consultation for a recommendation might fail to write you this desired recommendation which will leave you at the mercy of that medical condition. Not to worry, there are some doctors who see patients exclusively for medical marijuana evaluations and are most times referred to as medical cannabis doctors. This does not and should not make you hate your primary physician because he might still play a role in the process.

You need to know that it is not just about finding a doctor that can write you a recommendation, you need to find a licensed doctor who can prescribe medical marijuana from a reputable marijuana clinic. Below is a list of healthcare providers who can prescribe or write a medical marijuana recommendations in states that have deemed medical marijuana as legal. And you should not that every legal state may have varying forms of this list.

  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)
  • Medical Doctor (MD)
  • Naturopathic Physician (ND)
  • Osteopathic Physician (DO)
  • Osteopathic Physician Assistant (OA)
  • Psychiatrists
  • Physician Assistant (PA)

As soon as you receive your recommendation, you are qualified to purchase, consume, transport and even grow cannabis for either personal or commercial purposes within your location, though some states specifies the limit to which one can grow. You are also entitled to own a marijuana card which not usually required in cause of accessing medical cannabis. Upon going to the dispensary you will discover that there are over a hundred different kinds and strains of medical marijuana as well as different products, which could include edibles, oils, tonics and tinctures etc. so you will requires the assistance of a medical staff in the dispensary that will help you decide which method of using medical marijuana is best for medical condition. Now that you know the categories of medical cannabis doctor who can prescribe a medical cannabis for you, you might wonder the ways to find such licensed doctors. The following will enable you find a medical marijuana doctor so as to get your prescription with ease. So many doctors even in states where medical marijuana is already legal are unwilling to provide medical marijuana patients with a prescription not because they do not have the expertise but because they do not totally agree with the whole medical marijuana magic for ailments and disease cure. Well if your doctor is unwilling to provide you with a prescription, you can ask him for a recommendation for someone who will. That is definitely not a crime. What you are invariably doing is getting a Referral link and the idea is to make the whole process easier for you. So all you would need is to get your patient file sent over to the referred marijuana doctor's office, and since all your information is already on his desk, all that remains is an evaluation for a prescription. Sometimes your primary doctor might not have a referral link or might be unwilling to even help out with a referral, in such cases you will have to think outside traditional doctors and the best place to look out for is clinics with words such as natural care, holistic, or wellness in their names. The professionals in such clinics might not certainly be involved in prescribing cannabis or writing recommendations but they could definitely hook you up with doctors who will. Building up a good relationship with doctors is also a good move, especially doctors who do not have your patient record or a firm medical diagnosis of the condition that requires such medical prescription. In simple terms, you will need to build a strong doctor- patient relationship before revealing your desires for medical cannabis. Do ensure to visit often and discuss topics that revolve around the possibility of one exploring medical cannabis as an alternaitive treatment for a particular ailment. Like I said earlier, it could be relatively difficult finding a licensed doctor to sign your forms or in other words getting a recommendation for medical marijuana. You might even get turned down by several healthcare professionals before you finally find one who will be willing to listen to your craving needs for medical marijuana and afterwards carry out an evaluation for the issuance of a medical marijuana card. One thing that should be paramount to you is your health and with this understanding, you will be sure not to give up on your quest. In recent times the strive to find a doctor to write a medical cannabis recommendation has reduced a bit as the controversies surrounding its usage no longer surfaces as often as it use to. But nevertheless one needs to persevere. With the recent trend in use of internet, many medical marijuana websites now function to provide you with access to a marijuana doctor within your location. Websites such as greendoctornetwork.com, Leafly.com, www.growlegally.ca, and Medicalmarijuana.com are few among many online platforms where patients can get consultations for free and with ease. For a smooth consultation session with these medical cannabis doctors there are some tips you would need to know and they are highlighted below. You might think that since the hurdle of medical cannabis legalization has been crossed and that you have the right to access the expertise of a physician who are duly the only persons who are authorized to prescribe the drug. But I have a bit of bad news for you who think in this direction because truth be told, these physicians have the right to refuse and overtime I have come to know that this refusal is mostly prompted either because they are opposed to cannabis as a means of treatment or maybe they are not fully convinced about the supposed therapeutic benefits of the drug, some physicians often hesitate to prescribe because they lack the technical know-how of the drug. Whatever reason prompted their refusal to prescribe medical cannabis is really not significant at this point, what really matters is that it is quite tasking to find a medical cannabis doctor who is willing , experienced and authorized to prescribe medical cannabis. Although your primary physicians might refuse to treat or administer appropriate medical solutions, there are still many pro-cannabis physicians out there who will joyfully help out with medical cannabis recommendations when all other traditional methods seem not to be working out. It is also cool to know that some of these physicians are beginning to open up special medical marijuana clinics and these special clinics are on the up rise every day and identifying this clinics is quite easy as they employ words such as herbal, wellness in their names. Getting in touch with a medical cannabis doctor is the first hurdle in the journey of a cannabis treatment and as earlier said, it is completely up to the cannabis doctor to prescribe medical cannabis as well as to ascertain the eligibity of your claims alongside the dosage you are to receive. But there are guidelines your cannabis doctors still have to act within which have been set forth through their respected boards of medicine, so do not just see the doctors decision as sentimental because there are guidelines he must adhere to. Well this three things must be solidly at the back of your minds before going in search for a doctor and a little recap shows that these doctors have the right to refuse and while they can be associated with special clinics, they have strict guidelines to follow. So in conclusion only a licensed cannabis doctor have the exclusive right to prescribe medical cannabis to patient and if you are finding it difficult to find a physician that with sign your medical marijuana forms, you might be lucky trying out a specialty medical marijuana clinic.