What is Marijuana Tea and how do you make it?

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August 30, 2018
Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is becoming more popular everyday which means additional and creative ways of including it into the average person’s every day diet are being invented – the space cake being one of the most popular ways.

The marijuana tea (believe it or not) is an ancient method of including cannabis into one’s diet that is now gaining more notoriety as we enter an age where attitudes are again shifting to the benefits presented by cannabis. Previously we have looked at natural foods that have contained Cannabinoids and this goes hand in hand with our recipe for marijuana tea.

Why should I drink marijuana tea?

In contrast to smoking or vaporizing your marijuana, when ingested the effects are much milder and calming but will last for a much longer time overall, usually up to about 8 hours.

This means the cannabinoids present in your body take a longer time to be processed and therefore to experience any of the health benefits from cannabis you wouldn’t have to consume as much and as often as you normally would.

Also, a lot of people would like to incorporate marijuana into their diets for health reasons but may not always want to have to use a vaporizer or smoke, so would like a bit of variety.

Have a look at the following marijuana tea recipe, along with alternative ingredients that you can easily substitute for different dietary requirements and taste that make and ideal and healthy way to consume your greens.

Marijuana Tea Recipe

This method involves making a cannabutter that will extract all of the THC present in your buds, so be very careful and bare in mind what cannabis you are using because a much higher THC concentration will produce a much more potent effect!

1/2 gram of dried marijuana buds (ground with no stems)
1/3 tsp of non-salted butter (coconut oil for vegan recipe)
Loose green tea or a green tea-bag
Sugar or honey for sweetness to suit your preference


  1. Ensure your marijuana is well ground without any stems in. You don’t however want it to be a finely ground dust so don’t overly grind it.
  2. Mix the buds with butter (or coconut oil) – both substances contain fats that will extract out the THC from the cannabis and into the butter. You want to ensure a good even mix but don’t want to overuse any butter. It’s not good for taste and too much can prevent the THC from entering the mixture.
  3. Put the mixture into a tea infuser along the loose tea into a pan with 1-2 cups of water (if you have a tea bag just put that straight into the water). Here you bring the water to a boil and let simmer for at least half an hour.
  4. Strain the mixture into a mug, let it cool slightly and sweeten to taste

The beauty of this method is you can experiment with as much bud as you want with what quantity of water, to make it as strong or a weak as you like. One thing to remember though is to always keep the ratio of bud to butter the same as this ratio will work best for the best extraction of THC into the drink. Many Canadians have turned to marijuana tea and other methods as they wait to Apply for a Medical Cannabis Prescription in Canada.

You can also experiment with different loose teas and teabags to find a flavour combination that suits you. A big preference of mine is a turmeric and ginger teabag that you can get from several different tea outlets!

If you would like a method that doesn’t involve extract the THC out of the cannabis, then just omit the butter from the recipe to make a herbal marijuana tea.