Weed Legality Of In Canada

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January 13, 2018

Canada legislates for Medical Weed

It is no longer a new story that Canada has one of the largest and fastest growing economy in the entire North America and this record is transcending beyond continents now. It is to this regards that businesses are on the up rise, immigrants navigate the borders of Canada on a daily basis, no wonder we get to tons of advertisement all over the internet motivating foreigners to consider studying in Canada and several other captivating captions on why you should consider moving to Canada. Well truth be told, Canada is such a marvel to behold and believe me you won’t regret your decision to migrate to Canada.

Intending immigrants to Canada who are active consumers of weed in their respective places of residence are obviously on the lookout as they would definitely want to know the legality of weed in Canada to know if they would have to watch their backs while consuming weed or if they could freely puff smoke on the streets without having to look over their shoulders. I could remember what it feels like having to hide from cops. This is not peculiar to only foreigners, as even active users of weed who are citizens of Canada are also on the watch as every one of them anticipates that a time will come when they would be able to consume weed for the high feeling that is for recreational purposes and not just because they need it to cure a particular ailment or disease as it is being preached by medical marijuana activists. Could this anticipation be propelled by the fact that Canada’s big brother (United States) has done the needful in about 28 states including Washington DC or could it be because it feels good to consume it freely? Whatever reason propelled this anticipation, one fact is that nobody would want to always have the cops behind their back.

So many research work over the years written or orally spelt suggests that marijuana may be the solution to several health conditions too numerous to mention, frankly speaking it has transcended from been just a suggestion into a gospel which is preached not jut within the four walls of the marijuana industry but the entire health industry. The fact about this is that only a few testimonies have surfaced over the years but it never stopped the spreading of the gospel as the few testimonies recorded can actually hold water. Personally I agree with the philosophy that weed when consumed using the right methods is evidently medicinal and when I say right methods I mean methods that would to a large extent reduce the harmful toxins and carcinogens that threaten the well-being of consumers. But definitely my thoughts and opinions would really not change the legality of weed anywhere, not in Canada or any were in the world.

I recently stumble on a caption from a popular Canadian marijuana forum which boldly states that marijuana is now legal in Canada, at first I felt good but later I said to my self how many of such captions have I seen, too much obviously. Well the op was referring to legalization of weed for medical purpose. Marijuana for medical purposes have enjoyed commendation from the government as the guidelines are followed judiciously according to the Access to cannabis for medical purposes regulation (ACMPR) which was enacted some few months after medical marijuana was passed into law. For those who do not know, recreational purpose marijuana is still illegal in Canada and the community of users are hoping that Canadian prime minister would fulfil his campaign promises that was made in 2015 which is to legalize cannabis for both recreational and medical usage. We are hopeful and the marijuana community would definitely wait for him to pass the integrity test. I hope he does.

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weed legality in canada

weed legality in Canada[/caption]

Canadas Biggest brother the US, has legalized the usage of weed in about 28 states including Washington DC, all of which now boasts of complete legality of weed and when I say complete I meant for both recreational and medical usage. Are you amazed? Yes it is true but there are certainly some rules governing these supposed free usage. Whatever rules are governing it, this would be the dream of every weed consumer in Canada. This new development by states in the US resulted in what we refer to as an explosion of different products which includes edibles and vaping oils and a variety of harsh like concentrates which are obviously of many advantages to the human health .but the fact still remains that it is illegal in Canada because marijuana seeds are still regarded or seen as a contraband. Things would definitely take a new turn soon but I hope the pressure by marijuana consumption community would not bring the legislations against marijuana to a sudden collapse.

Let’s get this clear, no matter the ups and downs of marijuana legislation in different countries, recreational use of weed would never be permitted for teenagers, so if you fall in this category, you are advised to steer clear off the lanes because the business of weed is a serious business and if not careful might end up making one pay huge fines for violating codes of conduct.

The fact that weed is legal in about 25 countries in the US doesn’t mean anybody can consume the drug anywhere and anytime, it would even surprise you to know that recreational marijuana is still illegal under the US federal Law even though most states have passed it under state law. In case you are wondering what are these state laws, let me point out some of them using four states in the US as a case study, Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Oregon, all of these states permits or allows adults to use marijuana recreationally and they prohibit people under the ages of 21 from using the drug. So if you were thinking of ride on weed because you can now have a driving license, am sorry to say that you would have to wait 3 more years. You might think that these are rigid but when it comes to restricting minors, I do not question much. In a nut shell, the state laws simply mean that the states now have a full responsibility for how weed is been used in the states and if you ask me, I would say this will make monitoring more effective.

Many nations of the world have decriminalized marijuana either directly or indirectly, meaning that the previously known violent approach toward its consumption has greatly subsided though restrictions still exists especially on the part of recreational usage but with the recent actions by the Canadian government, I think smiles would be restored on the faces of Canadians soon enough.

Justin Trudeau in one of his speeches recently introduced legislation to legalize the recreational Usage of weed in Canada as a fulfilment of one of his numerous campaign promises and if this pulls through, Canada as a nation would become the second country in the world after Uruguay to completely (Both medical and recreational) legalize weed as a consumer product. That would be quite historic though history matters less to the marijuana (weed) community right now. What would really matter to them right now is the fact that the drug would no longer be addressed as illegal or as a contraband and they themselves would no longer have to play hide and seek with the cops anymore.

A Canadian lawmaker and a former police chief of Toronto “Bill Blair”, in one of his speeches was aired to have said that criminal prohibition of weed has failed to protect our kids and our community, hence the need for a full legalization of the drug. He (Bill Blair), also affirmed that the Canadian government are working hard to ensure that legal sale of weed becomes possible by the middle of 2018. This is definitely a good news for the Canadian weed community.

In an exclusive interview with a member of the liberal government, more light was giving to certain concerns that might rise up when marijuana eventually become a legal commodity and one of such concerns that captivated me was “where can one smoke it” the responses seem like one cannot be able to light up buds anywhere and rumors are also coming up saying that marijuana might be restricted for use only in private residence. A summary of this exclusive interview session reveals that the legalization will come with several restrictions which might not go down well with the marijuana activists in the country.

In conclusion, marijuana for medical purpose is duly legal in Canada today though you must be certified before you can have full access to the drug. But recreational purpose marijuana is yet to be legal and until then we all need to stay cool. The bill anticipated by Canadians on legalization of weed for recreational purpose would definitely come with some restrictions particularly on the part of non-adults. Though the age restriction would be exclusively determined by the state while other laws would still be enforced by the federal.