Reasons Why People Are Choosing Medicinal Marijuana Over Recreational Marijuana

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September 7, 2018
Medical Marijuana

As we are approaching a major legislation change in October 2018 as recreational marijuana is set to be legalized across all of Canada, it’s inevitable that current patients will be asking whether they should be sticking with medicinal cannabis or whether they should be trying their hand at recreational cannabis.

We have compiled a list of the reasons why your medicinal cannabis should still be chosen over recreational cannabis if you require it.

1) You can claim money back on medical marijuana

Anybody who decides to just go to a dispensary without a prescription will pay for the cannabis that they use completely out of their own pocket, and that is the end of their story. Here’s a quick guide to marijuana dispensaries. If you decide to go down the medicinal route, when it comes to tax season, you will be able to put reimbursement claims in and get some of your hard-earned money back.

Cost incurred through a cannabis prescription qualifies as a medical expense, so all you need to keep is a collection of the receipts of the cannabis you have purchased from a Licensed Producer.

For somebody who is a daily user of cannabis the amount that you could save over the course of a year is astronomical.

2) Advice from a doctor is free to cannabis users

Any person who is selling you marijuana is not legally allowed to make any medical recommendation regarding the cannabis they are selling, and it could get them into a lot of trouble if they do, because they are not trained healthcare professionals.

If you believe you may be eligible for medical cannabis for any ailment from anxiety to chronic pain, you can find this out at no expense at all to yourself through platforms such as NamasteMD.

This free medical healthcare advice involves an education in a cannabis and they can point you into the direction of a Licensed Producer that will suit the needs of your prescription.

3) Medical cannabis has your healthcare in mind

When cannabis plants are grown with the intent of being used for medicinal use, they are specifically bred to have high concentrations of CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis that contains most of the health benefits.

Cannabis with high concentrations of CBD doesn’t necessarily mean a low THC concentration however, and certain strains are bred to be high in both. This is something a trained healthcare professional will bear in mind when they prescribe you cannabis and will ask you the correct questions to prescribe to your needs.

4) You can obtain a medical marijuana at a younger age than recreational marijuana

To acquire a medical cannabis prescription, you must meet the requirements set out by Health Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), and a free consultation with a doctor through NamasteMD can tell you if you do qualify or not.

Within these guidelines there isn’t a legal age set out for when you become applicable for medical cannabis, although in some cases you may have to have a legal parent or guardian with you to obtain the prescription.
To obtain recreational marijuana, you must be of a minimum age as set out by your specific province and this will be 18 or 19 depending on where you live.

5) Medicinal marijuana has an infrastructure build since 2001

At the time of recreational cannabis being legalized in October 2018, medical marijuana will have already been legal for 17 years, and this has allowed the medical marijuana industry to adapt and grow into what it is today.

Healthcare physicians and nurses have had specific training surrounding the benefits of medical marijuana and medical growers, testers and sellers of cannabis will have had many more years in the game perfect their craft to create cannabis specific for the market’s needs.

6) Costs are covered for veterans who require medical cannabis

If you have served in the Canadian Armed Forces, then Veterans Affairs Canada will cover costs occurred from your medical cannabis prescription. Under new guidelines this will most likely be for 3 grams per day up to a maximum cost of $8.50 per gram.

This amount is more than enough for veterans to never have to pay for their cannabis at all.

Veterans can also be eligible to purchase any equipment deemed to be medicinally beneficial. In other words, you may be able to be reimbursed for the purchase of a vaporizer or any other equipment used to consume your medicinal cannabis if it is approved by your health professional.

Medical Marijuana is here to stay

The medical cannabis industry in Canada is still ever growing and holds a strong community ethic, and without it the legalization of recreational cannabis wouldn’t be possible. The differences between medical cannabis and cannabis for recreational use are still very different however and should always be treated as such.