How Long Does It Take To Get A Medical Cannabis Card

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January 6, 2018

The Prescription process

In this article we will be discussing the average duration of time it take to get medical cannabis card, you might be wondering why the use of word average, this is because several platforms are involved in marijuana licensing and because there is no regulatory body for the licensing platforms, they tend to have different processing times. But not to worry I would be highlighting or reviewing top three online platforms that offer the best marijuana evaluation and licensing process in the entire industry. So keep your fingers crossed. Overtime people have been in arguments about the distinctions between a marijuana card and a marijuana license. While some persons believe they are the same, others insist that there are notable differences between them. Personal I feel they should represent the same thing since they require same information and procedures for their acquisition. Well no matter how you see them what matter is that you get your dosage at the end of the day. In case you are wondering why you should have a marijuana card or license as some would call it, it would be educating to know that Just about everything you want to do these days needs a license or a permit in order to prove that you have the right to own, possess, carry or use a product or a substance. Your Medical Marijuana Card serves or functions as your permit to own, carry, possess or to receive and also to use medical cannabis for the treatment of any medical condition to which the application for the card was received. In essence, what the marijuana card or license does is to prove that you have been certified to make use of medical cannabis for a medical condition that must have been diagnosed prior to approving the license. It also serves to protect users from prosecution for possession or usage depending on the laid down regulations. Obtaining a medical cannabis card is definitely not an easy task as it is only legal in only about 28 states in the US, quite over average but you will still need to follow the due process of issuance (no cutting corners). It will be also vital for you to know that your Medical Marijuana Card is as important as your Driver’s License as it serves to inform regulatory bodies that you are good to ride on marijuana.

How long dose it take to get a medical marijuana card

Several online platforms on medical marijuana offers just a few minutes for medical marijuana cards and so far this constitutes the fastest means of obtaining medical marijuana cards in the entire industry, but due to the fact that so many shady online platforms are existent over the internet makes it difficult to tell which of this online platforms offer a legitimate evaluation for a medical marijuana card. I could remember a neighbor of mine who is suffering from insomnia and got a card from an illegitimate online marijuana platform some weeks ago for just 15minutes after paying about $48 for consultation and the marijuana card. Where did it leave her? Still not a licensed patient. This is not to rule out the fact that there are no legal online marijuana doctors but to tell intending patients that the bad eggs in medical marijuana business are enormous. That is to say one must be smart when it comes to receiving marijuana services in general online particularly the issue of licensing and purchase of medical marijuana. Let’s get this straight, No one wants to wait on a long and stretched visit to a doctor’s office just for a consultation that might not necessarily guarantee a commendable outcome. But with the online evaluation, prescription and authorization , patients can now obtain their medical marijuana recommendations and cards at a very affordable rate and almost instantly without having to leave the comfort of you homes or visit several offices some of which houses annoying members of staff. This makes it cool for persons who are incapacitated in one way or the other and cannot easily go to a dispensary to access the drug with ease. I got my first medical marijuana card following a very rigorous process and it actually took me about 9 weeks before I could have access to medical marijuana, quite unfortunate for me. This was because I was skeptical about online weed transactions but when my card expired, I made sure I got my renewal online and it was quite easy. I got my recommendation same day and I was able to purchase my dosage from the platform until my card came up in just 12 days. Look at that! Though there are serious concerns about online evaluation of patient for the issuance or a medical marijuana card but it seems to be the best alternative to the conventional methods of visiting one office to another. NuggMD is one of the best online platform that offers medical marijuana evaluation in just 5 minutes that is really commendable I must say. NuggMD is centered only on California’s medical marijuana needs but even at that they have revolutionized medical marijuana service delivery in California to a world standard. With NuggMD, you do not need to wait forever in an office to see a physician in the quest of obtaining a medical marijuana card. The internet has made life easy for all, now with just a few clicks, and very few steps, medical marijuana patients will have their physicians ready and even waiting up for them. You might be skeptical when it comes to online evaluation for a marijuana card or license which is quite understandable especially if it is your very first time but NuggMD as medical marijuana consultants has stood the test of time harboring integrity and nurturing reliability in all their dealing. NuggMD accepts just a token fee of $30 for evaluation and $10 as shipping cost for the signed medical marijuana card which is acceptable at every dispensary in California. NuggMD eliminates stress in the process of obtaining medical marijuana card as much as possible. NuggMD gives you the exclusive right to speak to a doctor before signing up in case you are in doubts of their services. They require just a few information to get you signed up as a member and for confidentiality, email addresses are used as feedback methods. EazeMD is yet another amazing and leading online marijuana platform that seamlessly connects patients to doctors via a live video chat where it is expected for the patient to be evaluated and examined if he/ she is eligible for medical marijuana. One thing that is amazing about the EazeMD is the fact that all your information or personal details are treated with confidentiality so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to privacy of your information. Medical marijuana consultations on EazeMD is very affordable and goes for just $29 and to get an unlimited access to the EazeMD online platform you will need to download the smartphone app from google store or apple store for Android and iOS devices. The Green doctor’s network is one of my most respected online platform for marijuana card acquisition in the entire Canada. As soon as you lodge into the green doctor’s website, there is a sense of belonging and originality that immediately flows through one’s mind and going through the site confirms this. Green Doctor Network is Canada’s most trusted network of medical marijuana specialists giving patient access to unlimited features which are definitely amazing. On a final note I would want to advise that it is always better to be late than never which invariably means that it is better for your marijuana card to arrive late and be legit than to have it very quick and have a clause attached with it. From experience I would end with saying that a medical marijuana card should arrive within the range of 2 to 3 weeks from reputable and focused driving medical marijuana consultants be it online or offline. Though the recommendation issued after approval should permit you to get your dosage but you might be limited to that platform. .