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January 5, 2018

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana (MMJ) or in simple terms marijuana for medical purposes is really not a new phenomenon in the marijuana community because several states or nations of the world have done he needful by legalizing the drug for medical purposes and not just legalizing the drug but also making the drug accessible to medical marijuana patients in the form of dosage. Let us discuss statistics a bit, more than 25 states in the US have completely legalized marijuana for medical purposes including Washington DC and in this year 2017, more states will be joining the league as forecasted. Members of the marijuana community like myself who wants marijuana to be legalized for recreational purposes cannot wait for the legal bodies to the needful soonest. You will be surprised that despite marijuana been legal for usage in about 28 states in the US, patients do not have complete access to the drug particularly getting the right prescription. Before now, getting a medical marijuana prescription was quite cumbersome and some will attribute it to a wild goose chase and this is because the processes were analog in nature and require lots of time. A quite frustrating process I must say. But things have definitely changed as the industry is now witnessing the presence of online prescription of medical marijuana meaning that you can have full accessibility to medical marijuana without having to enter into different offices and following several protocols. You can now sit at the comfort of your home and get access to a MMJ doctor and your prescriptions would be delivered in no time. Cool I must say! We are definitely acclimatizing speedily with the digital age. [caption id="attachment_224" align="aligncenter" width="300"]

get medical marijuana online

get medical marijuana online[/caption]


The major challenges faced with prescription of medical marijuana in the time past was the fact there were no capable hands in the medical field as physicians were shying away from medical marijuana obviously because marijuana was still seen as a contraband despite the legalization for medical purposes. This decision by physicians left medical marijuana patients seeking for prescription frustrated and confused. But with the current digital skill set available to care for marijuana patients, licensed weed doctors within the US are now being empowered to connect online with patients and provide medical MJ recommendation to patients. Canada as a nation now have the Medical Marijuana Services (MMS) which also functions in a similar regard as those of the United States. but MMS took it further the lanes as they hold several open consultation with patients and this is made effective by hooking up patients with a doctor who will signed off on their medical marijuana prescriptions. And peradventure you stay in Ottawa, there is a new medical marijuana clinic that is currently linking up patients who are suffering from chronic pain, sleep disturbance, cancer and even epileptic seizures with doctors who are willing to sign off on prescriptions to the drug. I recently discovered that only few doctors are willing to sign prescriptions for a drug they know little about which is quite logical I must say, and as a result of this, more patients are finding it harder to get access to medical marijuana. And until doctors self-educate themselves about marijuana and how to prescribe it medically, this outsourcing companies or bodies would still be in business. Fortunate for the Canadian doctors, college of Family Physicians of Canada has created new guidelines to prescribing medical marijuana more effectively.

Medical Prescriptions

In this article, we would be discussing how to get medical marijuana prescription online and this article is sought of a guideline to follow if one desires to get a medical marijuana prescription online and not just getting the prescription but also having timely accessibility to the drug in the form of dosages. To be realistic there are over 100 different online platforms that offer medical marijuana services or give prescription to patients today but I will be highlighting a few ones who have proven to be reliable in terms of service delivery and of course speed of delivery. First on my list should be NuggMD and I have no doubts in my mind because when it comes to speed, ease of accessibility and security of getting a medical marijuana prescription without having to visit any evaluation center, the NuggMD are on top of their game. When I first accessed the NuggMD online platform and went through their mission statement, I said to myself that it is same old story but then I decided to click on the get started button and look at where it got me…now I am a huge fan writing a review to their advantage without even getting paid. NuggMD, rather than employing a physical evaluation, they employ licensed cannabis doctors who will have a few minutes of online examination which is sought of an interactive session whereby few questions are been asked after which an account will be created representing the physical documentations that was in vogue before. This licensed doctors are accessible from 8am to 10 pm and they operate for 7 days in a week. This actually constitutes the first step after clicking the get started button. After your online examination is approved by a medical marijuana doctor, the patient would receive an immediate electronic recommendation via email which represents the medical marijuana prescription and these prescription are valid at all California dispensaries and they are mailed discreetly, which invariably means that all of your information is secured. The con of NuggMD is the fact that it is California based for now which might not be favorable to other patients leaving far off the walls of California. And if you intend to get your cannabis dosage same day, all you need to do is to print out a pdf recommendation and confidently walk into a dispensary or you could place an order online and it will be delivered to your door step same day. Personally I got my medical marijuana prescription and my marijuana card with the assistance of the famous and popular green doctor’s online platform. The green doctor’s network as it is popularly called works in a similar way as the MMS to provide access to licensed doctors or physicians who specialize basically on marijuana for medical purposes in Canada. It was quite easy getting hold of prescriptions for the long nurtured depression I had been suffering from. All I needed to do was to follow the following steps. They are quite easy steps to follow, so relax and read on Prequalify; in this step you will be needed to identify or find out online if your condition qualifies you for medical marijuana, this you can achieve by first knowing such conditions through a medical test by a physician and then you identify by browsing through a compiled list of medical conditions that qualifies one for medical marijuana. Once this is sorted out, you move on to the next step which is to apply Apply; this step involves you to complete your patient application for review. This applications consists of completing an online patient application form and including relevant medical information regarding your condition. This application form would be reviewed to determine your eligibility to get a medical marijuana prescription. At the sound of form, many would already be thinking of payments but the good news is that payment is not required for the application process. Initial consult; after a determination of your eligibility, you would be scheduled of an initial consult which is definitely online where you will be connected to a live representative whose job is to educate you more about the process. During this free initial consultation session, there will be a review of your application and a further eligibility discussion and also what to expect during the process of obtaining your prescription. This stage is an opportunity to convince the doctor of the reason why you think a medical marijuana prescription will help in that medical condition. See the doctor; this is the final stage on how to get medical marijuana prescription in Canada. This stage or phase would require you to meet with a Green Doctors Network physician online, to obtain your medical marijuana prescription (MMPR). On that day there will still be a review session, this time about the condition, the treatment history and finally to discuss the treatment options with the drug. The dosage will be determined by a doctor or licensed physicians and your legal Medical Marijuana Prescription will be signed and mailed to the licensed producer of your choice. Ensure to choose a LP that is close to your place of residence for ease of collection. There are several other ways to get a medical marijuana prescription (MMPR) online aside going through the MMS and green doctors. Other ways include the Greenleaf medical clinic, skype doctor Canada, Dr Mike hart London Ontario etc. all this platforms are also reliable and all you need is to ascertain the age limit and the medical condition they consider for MMPR and you are good to go.