How To Get A Medical Marijuana Prescription in Canada

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January 12, 2018

Marijuana Prescriptions

Medical marijuana is absolutely and completely legal in Canada, and this decision was officially unveiled in 2016 and ever since this long anticipated decision was made by the legislative bodies, recreational users of the drug have also dusted their fetes in preparation for the race of the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. This would definitely surface someday because pressure is on the Canadian parliament to do justice to the legality of marijuana as promised by the Canadian prime minister in one of his campaign speeches in 2015. Well that’s a story for another day because medical marijuana is our focus for this write up. Medical marijuana in Canada are now more accessible than ever before but definitely not to persons who are not eligible. The question now is “who is eligible for medical marijuana?” The eligibility to possess or use medical marijuana is dependent on the approved code of practice or regulations set aside by individual states. At present, we have thousands of Canadians who are federally licensed to possess and use medical marijuana in Canada and this is as a result of the fact that the drug has proven to be safe and free from side effects as compared to other pharmaceuticals. So in case you are new to medical marijuana, you need to know  that the access to cannabis for medical purposes regulation  (ACMPR) constitutes the only shield one can have from possession charges of huge fines. The ACMPR was established in august 2016, few months after medical marijuana was officially legalized in Canada. This ACMPR program now allows the decision to use marijuana for medical purposes to be strictly between the patient (marijuana consumer) and physician (marijuana doctor) alone. This simply means that every marijuana patient should and must have had a diagnosis within the past 5 years which must be carried out by a Canadian physician. A follow up by a family doctor or a specialist on patient within a duration of one year can also proffer eligibility on a patient. You are also required to provide a medical documentation which confirms your diagnosis by the health practitioner and must be within the frame of time stipulated by the ACMPR. [caption id="attachment_217" align="alignright" width="300"]

how to get a medical prescription in canada

how to get a medical prescription in canada[/caption] Now that we know who is eligible to access medical marijuana, let’s get to business proper. If you’re current with recent happenings in the news you might have stumbled on the recent events such as marijuana dispensary raids and even arrests of their customers. This does not have any thig to do with the legality of medical marijuana but the failure of dispensaries to administer and prescribe marijuana according to laid down regulations. Now let’s get this straight, As far as the Canadian law of medical marijuana is concerned, legal way to acquire medical cannabis is going through a recognized physician who will duly fill out a medical document which invariably grants a patient full access medical marijuana. This implies that you ought to have seen a practitioner who issues a prescription and this prescription can only be places with a federally regulated licensed producer. After getting your prescription you will be required to file it with a licensed producer and subsequently you can now access the medicine via online shopping which would be delivered to your home. The question one needs to ask is how one can get a medical marijuana prescription in Canada. To begin with, it is quite important to first know or rather have it in mind that your ability to get medical marijuana prescription depends entirely on the state you live in, in the US, marijuana for medical purposes is completely legal and prescriptions are also not rigid though every state have regulations governing how to get prescription of medical marijuana. In a similar way, getting medical marijuana prescription is also very flexible. Getting medical marijuana prescription in  Canada in the time past was analogous or synonymous to picking emeralds in hay field such that the procedures which includes several test and long term diagnosis and documentation would freak you out and obviously give up the quest but in recent times patients can now get med marijuana prescription with less than 20 minutes with the aid of medical marijuana services which  was established as a patient navigation service with the sole aim of rendering assistant to applicants who intend to obtain marijuana for medical purposes in Canada under the ACMPR. This independent body work closely with doctors to ensure effective marijuana service delivery which includes prescribing medical marijuana and this doctors are always happy to render professional assessments of your illness and relevant explanation on how marijuana will work for you. Let’s get this straight, The stigma attached to the use of marijuana for medical application is gradually fading especially in recent times, there is no doubt about this fact but getting a prescription is still quite a process for medical marijuana patients and this is because marijuana is still an illegal substance on the federal level, and technically it isn’t allowed for use in medical applications. Recent indications reveal that things could change but nothing is guaranteed until it is on the books. This definitely means that every state that have done the needful by approving medical marijuana will possess its own system for treatment and that is the stage medical marijuana is today though several modalities have stepped in but the story is still the same. So you must ensure to glance at your state laws to ensure you do not leave the four walls.

Access to Medical Marijunia

In simple terms, Access to medical marijuana, including getting a prescription, varies from state to state. Some states particularly in Canada allow marijuana as a treatment for just a few conditions, while others see it as a cover for virtually every ailment or disease. Enough of the legality of medical marijuana, let’s get the basics of how to get a medical marijuana prescription, using Canada as a case study. Before we lodge into getting medical marijuana prescription, know this; because marijuana in any form is still outlawed by the federal government, doctors write recommendations rather than prescription as they should do for a typical drug. This recommendation will state that a patient would likely benefit from incorporating medical marijuana into their treatment plan. Many persons confuse recommendations with prescription. Both processes are quite similar they aren’t the same at all. Well for the Canadians, we are lucky to have a law that permits doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. The first step in getting a medical marijuana prescription is by knowing if you qualify in your state and this can be ascertained by getting a prior diagnosis from a regular physician to know your ailment after which you so through a list of illnesses that can be treated with medical marijuana in your state because the list varies based on where you live. Canada do not really have differences in this list of acceptable illnesses to be considered based on your home. But you still have to know whether you qualify before you proceed for a medical marijuana prescription or a recommendation and peradventure  you’re still unsure if you qualify, you can check out the related laws in your state legislature for a confirmation. The second step in the medical marijuana prescription acquisition is to visit a doctor, immediately   after confirming that you are qualified for MMJ, you are to visit any licensed health care provider in your state where you should be able to get a written medical marijuana prescription or recommendation as the case may be. In as much as you are a resident in a state that recognizes marijuana as a legal treatment. Depending on where you stay, the process could be very easy, I recently stumbled on a friend who got an online consultation alongside prescriptions for medical marijuana for just $39 from a licensed physician in less than an hour. The third step is purchasing medical marijuana from a dispensary, this step involves you to take along to a medical dispensary the written prescription or recommendation you receive from a doctor in order to purchase the necessary cannabis products. Some dispensaries would require you to show a proof of state residency and also to prove you qualified by age. In Canada, the legal age for medical marijuana usage is 21 years but some states employs 25years. Note that this recommended cannabis products would not necessarily be herbs, they could be Oils, edibles, and numerous strain of weed will be available to you. If you are confused about which to choose in the case of a list of different alternatives, a knowledgeable staff will be able to help you choose which products are right for you. Well that’s the 3 basic steps you need to follow in order to get medical marijuana prescription in Canada. Quite easy right you will say but it’s nothing compared to the online ways of getting it. Personal I got my med MJ prescription from Green doctor in Canada when I was diagnosed of depression and anxiety. I got my prescription and my dosage in less than an hour. Well whichever way appeals best to you, go for it.