Who Can Get Medical Cannabis In Canada

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February 16, 2018

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is legal in Canada, and ever since this decision was officially made public, recreational users began to countdown to when it would be their turn. 2018 is the long awaited year for a possible legalization of cannabis for recreational usage of cannabis and we are hoping it wasn’t a scam after all. Well our focus for this article is medical and not recreational usage. Medical cannabis in Canada is now more accessible than ever before but definitely not to persons who are not eligible. We would be looking into “who is eligible for medical cannabis?” and this would establish who can get it because as it stands, only eligible persons can get the drug.


The eligibility to possess or use medical cannabis in Canada, is first dependent on the Approved code of practice. This approved code allows the decision to use cannabis for medical purposes to be strictly between the patient and the licensed physician alone. This implies that every patient must have had a diagnosis within the past 5 years which must be carried out by a Canadian physician. A follow up by a family doctor or any specialist on patient is also required to provide a medical evidence which confirms your diagnosis. Once you have passed this hurdle, you would need to crosscheck your ailment and only when your health condition is listed in the list of qualifying condition that you can get access to the drug. For some online platforms, you see the phrase Pre qualify which means your ailment is eligible for a medical cannabis treatment but you still ought to go through stages of documentation before you can be completely qualified. So if you see pre-qualify, do not fret, you are only few steps away.

Pre-qualifying Conditions

For the records, the following ailments are the common ailments that would enable you to pre-qualify for medical cannabis in Canada; Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic Pain, , Epilepsy, , Glaucoma, Hiv/aids, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Severe nausea, Alcoholism, Alzheimer's disease, , Anxiety disorders, heart disease, Asthma, Back pain, Bipolar disorder, Brain tumor, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Chronic pancreatitis, Chronic renal failure, Conjunctivitis, constipation, Degenerative arthritis, Diarrhea, Eczema, Epididymitis, , Gastritis, Headaches, Hemophilia a, Hepatitis c, , High blood pressure, , Impotence, Inflammation, Insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome, Leukemia, Major depression, Meningitis, Mitochondrial disease, Motion sickness, Muscle spasms, Muscular dystrophy, Neuropathy, Obesity, Panic disorder, Polio, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Radiation therapy, Rheumatoid arthritis, Seizures, Severe pain, Sickle cell anemia, Sleep disorders, Spinal cord injury, Spinal cord injury, Stroke, Traumatic brain injury, Tuberculosis etc.

Licensed Provider

The second step in getting medical cannabis is to visit a doctor, immediately after confirming that you are qualified for medical cannabis, you are to visit any licensed health care provider in your state where you should be able to get a written medical cannabis prescription or recommendation as the case may be. In as much as you are a resident in a state that recognizes cannabis as a legal treatment. Depending on where you stay, the process could be very easy, I recently stumbled on a friend who got an online consultation alongside prescriptions for medical cannabis from a licensed physician in less than 30 minutes. The last hurdle require to be passed in getting medial cannabis is purchasing medical cannabis from a dispensary, this step involves you to take along to a medical dispensary the written prescription or recommendation you receive from a doctor in order to purchase the necessary cannabis products. Some dispensaries would require you to show a proof of state residency and also to prove you qualified by age. In Canada, the legal age for medical cannabis usage is 21 years but some states employs 25years. This 3 basic steps is all you need to get medical cannabis in Canada and the fact remains that anyone who meets the conditions and undergoes all of the above procedures and emerges victorious are the only persons who can get medical cannabis in Canada. This procedures stated above could be even more rigid in other nations of the world. If you ask me I would say the procedures simple but it’s nothing compared to how online platforms carry out theirs. Its same process though but you might not need to see any one physically.   I got my medical cannabis recommendations from Namaste in Canada when I was diagnosed of depression and anxiety. I got my prescription and my dosage in less than 20 minutes. The Green Doctors network works in a similar way as the MMS in the US, providing link between you and licensed physicians who specialize basically on cannabis for medical purposes in Canada. It was quite easy getting hold of prescriptions Other amazing and exciting online platforms that offer excellent medical cannabis services is the NamasteMD online medical cannabis platform. NamasteMD have proven to be reliable in terms of service delivery and of course speed of delivery which is what every medical cannabis patient craves for. I would be ungrateful if I do not talk about NamasteMD, one of the most reliable medical cannabis online platforms in the world today, my current medical cannabis recommendation was renewed by namastemd.com. Your first visit to the Namastemd online platform, you would have a feel of confidence run down your spine as the managers of this platforms are professionals. The Namaste online platform is versed online platform, offering prescriptions of cannabis for medical patients, they also sell smoking accessories while also selling varieties of quality medical cannabis strains that would combat that reoccurring health condition. Namastemd online stores takes you closer to perfection in terms of speed and reliability in online shopping. These online platforms highlighted above are sure to giving you the best medical cannabis service you desire to get in Canada. We love them and we are sure you would love them as well. And whichever one you choose to patronize, you would get good value for money. You should also note that these online platforms also offer renewal services usually after 5 years. I strongly recommend you choose this guys for your ultimate choice of services.