Can I Get An Instant Medical Marijuana License ?

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January 2, 2018

Marijuana License

A license by definition is an authorization issued by authorities to use a licensed material which might require paying a fee or proving a capability. Many people at the sound of the word license do fret as what comes to their mind first is an illustration of a very rigorous process. Meanwhile the process in some cases might not be as difficult as we project. People crave for a short time in carrying out functions such as licenses, permits etc. and this is not because they are nonchalant about them, but because of their various commitments at their places of work. Recently I stumbled on a topic on a medical marijuana forum where someone explained his ordeal and pouring out his grievances as regards to the rigor in obtaining a medical marijuana license, funny enough someone posted not long after that she obtained a marijuana license in minutes, the thread had about a thousand viewers in less than 20 minites. At that moment I realized two things which are the rising need for medical marijuana as alternative for treatments and also fact that people are quite impatient. I know curious readers of this article at this spot will want to know if the story of the lady who got medical marijuana license in minutes is just a fairy tale. I read her article and I recalled that she stated that the “medical business is dominated by shady entrepreneurs who prop up some exhausted retired physician to churn out scripts for a nominal fee”. This statement will definitely reveal that it is quite a fairy tale with no happy ending. Truth be told, there are very few doctors and medical marijuana clinics that offer medical marijuana services today and this is due to the fact that many doctors are reluctant to get involved and physicians are also fed up of being blamed for the addiction epidemic from prescribing this drugs to patients. So in as much as you feel that medical marijuana will cure that ailment or disease doesn’t mean you should believe every man or woman with a with lab coat and a stethoscope hanging round their necks.

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In recent times I have heard people talking about the distinctions between a marijuana card and a license. While some believe they are the same, others believe they are somewhat different. Now let’s get something straight, a medical marijuana license differs from a medical marijuana card .though most dispensaries could sell out dosages of medical marijuana to patients that presents either of this documents but this does not equalize their functions in any way. It all depends on the location as well, since some places accepts the marijuana card from a licensed physician to be a license. Though in normal terms, the contents of a medical marijuana license makes it a more valuable and acceptable document. Our topic for this write up talks an instant medical marijuana license, is this possible? Well as we get in to the procedures of obtaining a medical marijuana license, the truth will definitely unveil itself. This article might be lengthy so I crave your indulgence to read on patiently and carefully. Presently, about 28 states in the US including the Washington DC as well as the District of Columbia have legalized the consumption of marijuana for medical purposes. This does not mean everyone puff of marijuana smoke in the name of medical marijuana. On the contrary, you will be needing an approval or authorization from a licensed physician who will see you through a process to get a medical marijuana license. The process for obtaining a marijuana license might vary somewhat in process but basically they are similar. Here we go;

Preparing to Apply

It is paramount that one knows the law regarding medical marijuana as it is stated in your location because this laws vary substantially from state to state, some state laws regarding medical marijuana is more challenging than other especially in the course of obtaining a license to receive and to use the drug. Just like normal laws and constitution, these laws are meant to guide users to ensure a smooth and easy process and to protect one from possible. States like California and Texas allows offers licenses for a wide range of medical conditions too numerous to mention while states like new jersey could be very strict with guidelines which could be very frustrating but when it comes to the eligibility conditions, it is quite flexible. The state laws might seem to supersede but do not underestimate the federal laws because the penalty for possession without license is a fine of $1000 and one year in prison. Penalties for giving out or selling marijuana are even more severe so decease from them. Now that you know the guidelines or the laws regarding medical marijuana in your state, you are to determine your eligibility after reviewing the conditions for which medical marijuana is allowed in your location. If you are diagnosed with any of the conditions listed under your state law or guidelines for eligibility for medical marijuana then you’re obviously good to go but if you haven’t been diagnosed, there is still a possibility of obtaining a license if there are convincing evidences in the form of a symptom of a particular medical condition. Consequently, if you do not have any symptoms, you would not be able to get a medical marijuana license anywhere. A proof of residency in such states you desire to obtain your license might be criteria for eligibility, so brace up. Findings a physician who will authorize your medical marijuana license is usually the most difficult hurdle in the entire race to obtaining your license and this is due to the fact that not many of the doctors want to get involved with the business. Well there is no cause for alarm as your regular doctor can refer you if he cannot authorize it. And this means fails then you can confidently walk into a dispensary and you will be sure to get the contact of a licensed medical marijuana doctor who will be willing to authorize or sign your forms. There are also numerous online platforms that can link you up with doctors with ease. Make an appointment with your doctor for your evaluation and discuss your condition and why you think medical marijuana might be helpful. When the doctor must have certified your claims, you will be provided with the necessary authorization to apply for a license from the state. In some states, a written authorization from your doctor is quite sufficient to buy medical marijuana from a dispensary.

Apply for a License

Applying for the license is sought of the documentation part of the process and this takes effect immediately you have received authorization from a doctor, while this process is supposed to be a smooth passage, most states still require that patients fill out a form and also enroll in a registry of approved patients. Well this is not quite a challenge as it is possible to scan the paperwork and submit via the internet though this is not a norm as some states require a physical submission. Once the submission is made, depending on your state you will be required to pay a token fee which will be stated in the paperwork. These fees are usually between $25 and $200. After this stage, you are to wait for your card which will arrive immediately after approval of your paper work. This approval takes days to review and approve in most states so you will have to be patient. Upon arrival of your medical marijuana card, you can confidently walk into a dispensary and purchase marijuana without fear of prosecution or confiscation. Most dispensaries will require you to show both the marijuana card as well as your marijuana recommendation from the licensed doctor. Ensure that you stick to this licensed dispensaries for procurement of your dosages because you will be violating a state law when you purchase from illegal sources despite you marijuana license. Getting an instant medical marijuana license or card is actually possible but the challenge mostly faced is the paper work approval stage. I have been rendering assistance to newbies who desire medical marijuana license for quite a while now and nobody got has gotten an instant license at least for the once I know. In conclusion an instant medical marijuana license is possible but you need to be careful because there are lots of shady dealings associated with medical marijuana.