Can You Buy Medical Weed Online ?

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January 4, 2018

Medical Weed

Literarily, there is nothing you cannot buy online these days and as a matter of fact that is the new trend as store owners are converting their stores to ware houses while operating online shops over the internet. In a similar way, weed can also be bought online. When you type the phrase “buy weed online” on google machine you will be shocked that over a million search results will surface in less than 5 seconds, notwithstanding the illegitimate sales on forums and blog pages. When it comes to the possibility of buying weed online, it is absolute and as a matter of fact I have purchased weed online for countless number of times. The problem is not buying a weed online the concern is are you buying from a licensed or legitimate site? There are many checks and balances one must make before considering to place an order for medical weed online. One thing you should know is that medical weed is becoming legal in various nations of the world today but there are some regulations guiding its possession and usage. In Canada and in about 28 states in the US, medical weed is completely legal but this medical weeds are only accessible to persons who have been authorized to use them by a licensed doctor. In other words, you will need a medical weed recommendation, a medical card or a license to consume weed for medical purposes before you can be allowed to possess them. For example in Canada, the ACMPR which is the access to cannabis for medical purpose regulation was enacted months after medical weed was legalized to serve as a guide for medical marijuana patients. This simply means that you will need to know what this regulations says for your state before going into the business of medical weed.   [caption id="attachment_229" align="aligncenter" width="300"]

where can i buy marijuana online

where can i buy marijuana online[/caption]

Online Prescriptions

Virtually all online stores where you can purchase medical weed will not sell to you except you have a marijuana card which is the legal backing for the possession and usage of medical weed for the treatment of a particular health condition. Now the question is what is a medical marijuana card and how can one get it? Medical marijuana or medical weed card is a license or a permit to receive and use medical marijuana or weed for the treatment of an ailment or illness. It serves to protect the patient and prove to others particular regulatory bodies that a licensed doctor has authorized you to use it. This card or permit to own and use medical weed is not always easy to obtain as there are lots of challenges in the processes involved in getting one. Among the reasons that makes obtaining this card challenging is the fact that a licensed physician or medical doctor’s evaluation is mandatory for you to obtain the card or license. Getting a medical marijuana card involves you to visit a doctor after which you must have ascertained your eligibility for prescription but if you have not done this, the physician will definitely check for this as it is the first step in the card acquisition process. In recent times, marijuana cards are been obtained online and in a similar way you will have to pre-qualify online by browsing through a list of ailments that supports the use of medical weed, once this hurdle is passed, you are now to apply which involves you to complete a patient application form where your personal details and information regarding your condition as established by a medical diagnosis from your primary doctor is collected. This application form will be reviewed thereafter to determine your eligibility for a medical marijuana card, most online websites do not accept payment at his stage. After the eligibility is ascertained, you will be scheduled for a free medical consultation with a doctor which will be online and after this, a review will be done after which your card will be ready to be printed via mail. Quite a simple procedure but the only challenge is getting a doctor to authorize. Now that you have your card, you are at liberty to purchase your dosage either from a nearby dispensary or most preferably from an online store. I will be talking about 3 online stores that have convincingly won the heart of the medical marijuana community with their integrity, speed delivery and professionalism. is one of the most reliable and trustworthy medical weed online store in the world today, selling weed in flowers, oils and also edibles, leafly has proven to be on top their game as they only distribute selected high quality weed for medical purposes. My first visit to the leafly online platform was to purchase a portable vaporizer and till date I am still vaping out from the unit I purchased from them. The leafly online platform has an almost instant delivery service. I could remember getting my last dosage of medical weed in 15 minutes after placing my order. Leafly online stores takes you closer to a perfection in terms of online shopping. is another amazing online medical weed dispensary that boasts of 100% reliability for a safe and quality weed for medical weed patients. When I ordered for a dosage during last summer I never expected what I got from weedshop247, I got my weed in about 30minutes on my farm house which was a bit distant from my residence. The packaging was also exceptional. Then I believed why they tag themselves as the best online weed store. is a lovely online weed store which offers medical weed patient nothing but qualitative strains of marijuana that will definitely give light to that medical condition. has one of the most flexible online platform and with the incorporation of mobile app, they made it clear that that customer satisfaction is their watch word. Their mobile apps can be downloaded from play store for android and apple stores for iOS. There are quite a number of concerns as to buying weed online. Some of which includes what to look out for when buying weed online, why you should buy and why you should not buy weed online, how to buy and how not to buy weed online. You will need to weigh all of this factors before proceeding to an online weed website just to be on the safe side. What to look out for when buying weed online Every medical marijuana patient should know how to safely buy weed online and most importantly to know what to look out for. When you are going through different weed stores online, you should look out for those that offer good and useful information regarding marijuana. The quality of the website also portrays a sense of originality as a simple and quick site can be created by just any one having few strains of marijuana listed. Such sites should be able to provide information on the strains that would be best for your condition. Also ensure that you read review and comments on the website though it can be framed but it is most likely to portray a good feeling and only make purchase when you’re convinced completely to do so

Why you should Buy Weed Online?

It will definitely occur to you that it isn’t neccesaary to buy weed online because marijuana dispensaries serves as a more reliable choice to you but the truth of the matter is that online weed stores offers you varying options that is different strains of cannabis. Online weed stores does not only give you options to explore but it is of immense benefit to those who cannot make it to the dispensaries or would not want anyone to see them coming out from a weed dispensary. Overall the idea of purchasing weed online is an excellent alternative to conventional dispensaries.

Why you should Not Order Weed Online?

Getting weed from the wrong person or site could mar ones experience and might get the patient into a more complex medical condition. You could also get busted for flaunting weed from an illegal source which could be accompanied with unpleasant consequences. So you must ensure that your marijuana strain is coming from a licensed online store. How to Buy Weed Online and How Not to Buy Weed Online Buying weed online should strictly be from a licensed seller in order not get fined or arrested by regulatory bodies. Let’s get this straight, do not buy weed from forums, blogs or from a friend you hooked with on a marijuana forum, no matter how popular such forums may be. Ensure to do a proper research about every site you come across in the course of finding that reliable site. In conclusion, you must be smart when purchasing from any online shop and as said earlier you should be completely convinced with the platform before popping out your credit card. The internet is saturated with falsehood in all businesses and this is because every tom, dick and harry can quickly throw up a website and put a very captivating caption just to deceive people. One thing you should be rest assured of is that there are tons of legal and licensed medical weed still available over the internet. So you would need to look below the surface to get a good and reliable one.