Best Medical Cannabis For PTSD

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February 14, 2018


If you are reading this at this time, it only reveals one thing and that is the fact that you already what medical cannabis strains are and you are only looking for medical cannabis strains that can treat PTSD that is post-traumatic stress disorder. Well I am glad to inform you that you are on the right article and at the end of this write up, you will get to know the right cannabis strain medications to suppress or put an end to that stubborn PTSD. But before we get into the medical cannabis strains that will help us with PTSD, it is only vital that we get the knowledge of PTSD and its symptoms just in case what you are feeling is not PTSD. PTSD as earlier established is post-traumatic stress disorder and as the name “post traumatic”, it implies that they surface after a psychological trauma. In a nut shell, PTSD is a severe disorder that develops upon exposure to any of such events which results in a trauma (psychological trauma). PTSD is a very dangerous ailment that could result that is accompanied by scary experiences. People suffering from this ailment experience symptoms such as reoccurrence of the trauma, anger, discomfort, blackouts, sleep problems and many more discomforting symptoms. If you experience one or more of the above listed symptoms, it is evident that you are suffering from PTSD and then the following cannabis strains which we refer to as the best medical cannabis strains would serve to either suppress or eliminate this disorder, depending on the stages.

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

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Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain[/caption] The blue dream is one of the most popular cannabis strain among consumers, this popularity springs from the versatility and of course medical benefits of this strain, not also forgetting the fact that the blue dream is a great strain for newbies in the weed growing community. The blue dream is quite known for its ability to relief users of aches, pains and also bad moods. The blue dream is a more indoor friendly growing weed strain and this is because they are a pretty sensitive to harsh weather conditions. They also attract insects and parasites when grown outdoor particularly in the States, but fair enough for the Mediterranean or subtropical climates. Blue dream originated in California and it is a sativa-dominant hybrid which results from a crossing of Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze. They are very high THC strains and they help to deliver hits cool enough for newbies to enjoy and merry. Overall, the blue dream is a worthy weed strain which delivers powerful symptom relief with no sedative effects. This makes the Blue Dream a favorite medicine for patients battling with PTSD and other ailments which requires a high strain of THC. For the records, blue dream cannabis strain has a THC content of between 17 and 24 percent with a CBD content of between 0.1 and 0.2 percent.  

OG Kush

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OG Kush Cannabis Strain

OG Kush Cannabis Strain[/caption] The OG Kush cannabis strain is also a well-known medical cannabis strain that suppresses PTSD to a very high degree. It is an auto flowering seed and as such, growers do not have challenges breeding this seed. So the yield of the OG Kush cannabis strain is quite significant and the buds are quite magnificent sharing roots of ancestry with the northern lights. OG Kush cannabis strains has a very high THC content ranging between 20 to 24 percent while having an average CBD content of 0.2 percent and if you ask me I would say it is the reason for the drowsiness and the energetic feel one gets when you consume this strain. This medical cannabis is ideal for persons suffering from PTSD because of the euphoric feeling one gets when consumed, allowing you to relax and giving you a remarkable calmness in your entire body

Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain

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Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain

Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain[/caption] The pineapple express cannabis strain is such a smooth and well balanced cannabis strain and we say balanced we mean its THC and CBD content is in a very good proportion, making it an amazing medical cannabis strain for relaxing virtually all of the PTSD symptoms that there is. Users of this lovely strain do experience clear-headedness and you can recommend this strain for individuals with creative minds. Pineapple express would help suppress every fear or anxiety when that results for PTSD, all you need to do is get a dosage of it using a recommended means of consumption and you will immediately feel a relief and ease of every anxiety. The THC content of this medical cannabis strain is averagely 20 percent while its CBD content is 0.1 percent. It is evident that you will feel a bit dizzy after taken doses of the pineapple express cannabis strain.

Master Kush Cannabis Strain

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Master Kush Cannabis Strain

Master Kush Cannabis Strain[/caption] The master Kush is also another very amazing cannabis strain that helps suppress the symptoms of PTSD, the only challenge with this medical cannabis strain is that it is not a good strain for beginners because it has a rather high potency, but nevertheless, this medical cannabis strain could be the final solution to that PTSD you have if you have tried other strains before. This strain provides a euphoric sensation which will put you to sleep Asap. This is definitely anticipated courtesy of the 20 percent THC content it features. It also features a CBD content of 1 percent. Though there is no universally accepted treatment for PTSD but in situations where therapy has proven abortive, these medical cannabis strains could just be the remedy you are looking for. If you are new to cannabis, it is advisable you make consultations with medical professionals because instead of suppressing the supposed trauma or anxiety, it could heighten it. In reality, the damage caused by PTSD cannot be totally erased or fixed by any medication but for majority of persons, we get to see a relief when nothing else seems to work. We have highlighted some of the best medical cannabis strains in the entire cannabis strain market space and we are positive that anyone of them might be the lasting solution to that PSTD you suffer from. But to get this just right I strongly recommend you try this site.