Best Medical Cannabis For Cancer

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February 2, 2018


Tons of research work on cannabis plant has been made over the years in the quest of convincing regulatory bodies to legalize medical cannabis. It is believed by many medical practitioners that the benefits of medical cannabis vastly outweigh the risks. Medical cannabis is believed to be safer than pharmaceuticals, a natural growing plant. Unlike pharmaceuticals which are filled with synthetic varieties of chemicals which have several side effects on consumers. Medical cannabis contains two active ingredients; cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. These active ingredients of marijuana are believed to be the magic behind cannabis which enables it to have medical applications. Cannabidiol according to researchers is believed to hinder cancer from spreading in the human body system and further research later revealed that the compound could actually kill cancerous cells. Medical cannabis may also reverse the carcinogenic effects of smoking tobacco and improve the capacity of the human lungs. New and exciting researches on cannabinoids that is THC and CBD contents have proven that these active ingredients of medical cannabis when combined with chemotherapy can serve to suppress blood cancer (leukemia). In this article, we would be reviewing some of the best medical cannabis strains that can help combat cancer either as a single drug or in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Cancer treatments can be painful at times so you must be prepared physically and emotionally. Now that we know what it takes to treat cancer, let us reveal to you some of the best medical cannabis strains.

Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel cannabis strain

Sour Diesel cannabis strain[/caption] The sour diesel cannabis strain is one of the most amazing strains of cannabis you can ever think of. Aside from being very popular, sour diesel strain has a long lasting potency that is mind blowing. The genetics of this lovely strain is incredibly valuable, and because of this many strain breeders sought a new version so as to capture its unique power in a much more easy to grow form. So far there has not been any bred strain that compares to the original version of the sour diesel. The background of the sour diesel is rooted deeply in cannabis sativa and this is the major for its massive increase in size during the flowering stage of the growth process. If you need your branches to stay short, you must ensure that time is taken to bend and secure the stems continuously. Sour diesel does well in warm climate preferably in the Mediterranean. It is also advisable that’s the sour diesel strain be harvested when all of its trichomes turn milky white as this is when the sour diesel strains will have the highest THC levels. Overall, sour diesel is a very powerful cannabis strain which when used alongside chemotherapy and radiation therapy could combat cancerous cells. One amazing feature of the sour diesel is the fact that it is suitable for both newbies and connoisseurs.

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

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Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain[/caption] Northern lights cannabis strain is the most popular and most outstanding strain of cannabis in the entire cannabis seeds market space. Northern lights is mostly used as standard to measure the quality and effects of other cannabis seeds especially feminized seeds in the industry. Many feminized seeds existed before the northern light, but it has proven to be a pacesetter among the league of feminized seeds. Northern lights is an indica dominant medical cannabis strain and it originated from Afghani indica and Thai sativa.  This reference cannabis strain has a very high THC content which ranges between 16 to 21 percent while having a very low CBD content. Northern lights features more of indica tendencies, it provides immense relief for nausea which is a symptom for patient who have undergone chemo or radiation therapy for cancer. Consuming this medical cannabis strain could be very helpful in calming down any form of discomfort. The northern lights cannabis strain helps in relieving cancer patients of the resulting nausea after chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

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Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain[/caption] This medical marijuana strain, charlotte’s web, was named after a young girl named charlotte who was seeking for standard pharmaceutical treatment for her recurring epileptic seizures. This special, high CBD strain worked magically on her condition, making the seizures drop to about 1 or 2 from a triple digit. The CBD content of charlotte’s web about 20% while the THC content is about 0.5%. As a result of intensive research work by cannabis strain scientist, it was discovered that extremely low THC sativa strains has the ability to treat a wide range of medical conditions. The charlotte’s web is one of such medical cannabis strains, no wonder it works well for patients that have seizures. It has also been proven that those suffering from cancer can try out the charlotte’s web. It brings about peace and calmness while also relieving patients of pain and possible inflammation. The charlotte’s web is such an amazing medical cannabis strain because it can rarely go wrong.

Chocolope Cannabis Strain

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Chocolope Cannabis Strain

Chocolope Cannabis Strain[/caption] The Chocolope is another medical cannabis strain with a very high THC content and quite a low CBD content. Chocolope is an energy giving cannabis strain which is capable of lifting fatigue. Fatigue or constant tiredness are some of the reoccurring symptoms peculiar to cancer patients. So the Chocolope is a promising medical cure or relief to patients suffering from fatigue. For the records, the Chocolope is a hybrid strain from two sativa strains, which is the Cannalope Haze (sativa) and Chocolate Thai (sativa). The euphoria of high associated with the Chocolope can keep you smiling while giving you an overall positive attitude. This double sativa lineage guarantees pure genetics within Chocolope. Many report experiencing a complete euphoria mood enhancing high, which keeps a smile on your face and an overall positive attitude. As the days go by, more findings are made in the direction of medical cannabis strains, so you ought to be updated as latest breeds of cannabis strains that are better at approaching a particular ailment could surface anytime. But do ensure you consult a medical professional before you stumble upon a newly bred cannabis strain.