Best medical Cannabis For Anxiety

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January 31, 2018


Anxiety is a psychological condition that can have a severely debilitating effect on many people. many of the symptoms of anxiety can be remedied by using medical cannabis strains. Anxiety is not visible to people but the long-term effect can result to other aggravating ailments and even a mental breakdown. Fortunately, medical cannabis offers a reasonable treatment for anxiety. Just one of the many debilitating conditions that can be helped by medical marijuana strains. It is often one of the more challenging conditions to have to deal with. Firstly, unlike pain or reduced mobility of some sort of illness which drastically changes your appearance, anxiety is not always visible to other people. The second aspect of anxiety is that it inhibits the sufferer in social circumstances, which is difficult to handle and can make life very restrictive. Luckily, if you are in possession of a cannabis card, help is at hand.

Strawberry Cough

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BEST MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR ANXIETY[/caption] The strawberry cough is one of the most widely available cannabis strain on the market. It is a very popular choice for patients with anxiety. It has a high content of sativa usually about 60-70 percent. As such it is an energizing strain which provides optimal relaxation. The sweet aroma of strawberry is very appealing, the name ‘cough’ originated from a common consequence of inhaling the thick smoke while consuming this cannabis strain.

Amnesia Haze

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BEST MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR ANXIETY[/caption] Autoflowering seed that has won awards at both sativa strain level and also cannabis seeds level, for example the amnesia Haze autoflowering seed. Amnesia haze serves a great medical purpose and also has an amazing fruity flavor reminiscent of citrus. The effect of the amnesia haze autoflowering seed is unusually harsh, this is evident from the cough it provokes when it is being smoked. It has several therapeutic benefits ranging from relief from stress related issues, depression, pain and, of course Anxiety. This autoflowering seed has a THC level of 15.5%, a yield of about 250g/m2 which makes it a very convenient medical cannabis strain for patients with Anxiety. Amnesia haze is one of the most amazing feminized strains in the available today, produced in Holland, the amnesia strain slayed all other feminized seeds to emerge as my number one most popular and high quality seeds on the UK market. This lovely feminized seed is easier to cultivate and grows quickly as well. The medical benefits of the amnesia haze feminized seeds cannot be overemphasized.                           

The White Widow

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best cannabis strains guide

best cannabis strains guide[/caption] The white widow is one among the most famous names on the cannabis market. White widow has been around for decades now and truth be told, it has made a massive impacts on the cannabis industry for both medical purposes and also for cross breeding purposes. When you see any list of best feminized seeds or even cannabis seeds that does not feature the white widow you should seriously question the list. The white widow is characterized by a faster growth process, so your resulting buds are ready in 9 weeks. It has been found through research that the white widow contains higher level of sativa. This means that white widow is an energetic and uplifting cannabis strain. So if you have anxiety and you wish to deal with it, the white widow is a perfect strain for you.

Shining Silver Haze strains

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guide to best stains

guide to best stains[/caption] Haze seeds are always outstanding, and the shining silver haze is the most trending feminized seed in the long list of haze hybrids and the taste and smell of the shining haze would have you craving for a hit. The effects of the shining silver haze is a characteristic head high and a dreamlike experience. This amazing strain battles Anxiety like no other. Overall, we love feminized seeds, and just in case you have any negative preconceptions about feminized seeds, then we suggest you address that misconception and quickly get on the train of feminized seed users, and trust us, you will be glad you did. Also with the above highlighted list of popular and high quality feminized seeds, it is presumed that your cannabis experience (growing or consumption) would be awesome. You can thank us later.

White LSD strains 

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guide to cannabis strains

guide to cannabis strains[/caption] White LSD autoflower is such an amazing autoflowering seed that delivers a truly amazing high to users without asking for much. The THC level reaches up to 20% peak and averagely evolves around 18%. This means that users get a cool sense of relaxation throughout their body, some users have attested to the fact that the white LSD enhances creativity and induces happiness. You can finally wave a good bye to that stubborn ailment called anxiety. The white LSD autoflowering seed is quite sizable, dwelling between 60cm and 120 cm. This is definitely taller than the OG Kush and close to the super silver haze. This autoflowering seed when crossed with strains of the white widow, results in a highly resinous bud which is tasty and does not disappoint.

OG Kush cannabis strain

The OG Kush autoflowering seeds are famous for being bred by hip hop artists and they are distributed in the US and across the globe. It is a well-known strains of autoflowering feminized seed which have been in existence for over 2 decades now. OG Kush autoflowering seeds offer very significant yield and the buds are quite magnificent sharing roots of ancestry with the northern lights. The structure of the OG Kush buds is not too different from that of original OG Kush. The high associated with the OG Kush is balanced, having a THC content of 15 – 18% and an average yield of about 275g/m2.  So instead of getting drowsy, you experience an energetic feel on your body which lasts long. This recommended cannabis strains are capable of combating anxiety and depression and recurrent mood swings.