Apply For Medical Marijuana License In Canada

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January 1, 2018

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for quite a while now and as a matter of fact it is no new story any more. What awaits the Canadian is a possible legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes and from speculations, recreational marijuana will be in the books by the end of 2018 but until then, make no mistake of consuming weed recreationally except you are ready to pay huge fines for the going against approved codes or regulation. Well our major focus for this write up is medical marijuana.

Thousands of Canadians are federally authorized to possess and use medical marijuana through Health Canada’s MMAR/MMPR and this is because the drug (MJ) has proven to be safe and free from side effect which is quite peculiar with typical pharmaceutical products. To legally access Medical Marijuana, first you’ll need a doctor’s authorization or Prescription. For newbies in the house who are wondering what a medical marijuana prescription or authorization looks like, we are going to be giving that a little session before we lodge into our subject proper because it is a prerequisite.

Virtually every medical marijuana prescription acquisition are similar in procedures irrespective of the pioneers of the platform. For this article, I would be giving you prescriptions from the famous Grow legally online platform not because they are the best of the best but because their services are quite flexible and stress free in comparison to other Canadas medical marijuana prescription platform.

GrowLegally Consulting LTD which is located in Canada with an efficient online presence capable of providing medical marijuana services for virtually all of Canada, they offers fully integrated consulting and streamlined Medical Marijuana licensing services for patient/consumers and producers of medical cannabis, as well as business development, they also consult and market for companies and organizations who as a mission seeks to expand their tentacles with the fastest emergent industry of medical cannabis and related products. They also help patients exercise the right to treat themselves when they notice symptoms of illness or disability. Growlegally are patient-focused and community-oriented, and when it comes to accessibility and affordability of medical cannabis, they are on top of their game. Growlegally clients do not pay for medical assessments for prescriptions and they enjoy the benefit of a vast network of physicians, Licensed Producers (Growers), and public organizations.

The first step in getting the medical marijuana prescription involves a medical diagnosis and in this step, an online application is used to certify or check one or more of the listed medical conditions to determine the eligibility of the patient for medical marijuana prescription and subsequently medical marijuana authorization / License. If you have been diagnosed with any of the following illnesses, then you could qualify for the prescription. They include Anxiety, Cancer, Car Accident Injuries, Depression, Epilepsy, Grinding of the Teeth or Jaw, Hiv/Aids Infection, Inflammation of Joints Joint Disorder, Migrain, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Severe Forms of Arthritis, Spinal Cord Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, TMJ Temporomandibular, Trouble Sleeping and Weight loss. Any illness or affliction which affects the quality of life not listed above can also be included as there are no limitations on the conditions for which a practitioner can support access to Medical Marijuana. Once the medical diagnosis is completed, we now proceed to the second step.

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marijuana plant

marijuana plant[/caption]

The second step is termed supporting medical documents. This step requires medically diagnosed and qualified medical marijuana patients to scan and upload a copy of their medical documentation that supports the diagnosis. His upload can be carried out during the application process or sent to Growlegally via fax or the registered email. Growlegally can obtain a medical documentation un-behalf of patient in case they have not obtained one yet.

The last step involves the submission of the application, patients are required to add any additional notes in the box and also ensure to Read Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before clicking the submit button. After this stage, a representative from GrowLegally will contact you to verify that the information provided in your application is correct after which your physician is contacted to obtain your medical records and letter of diagnosis in support of your medical condition (If applicable). Subsequently you will be scheduled for an examination with an authorized physician who is experienced and compassionate towards the prescription of Medical Marijuana as an alternative treatment. The physician would prescribe your medical marijuana for you at his discretion.

At the Physician discretion, he or she will prescribe you Cannabis for medical purposes.

Once you’ve been approved from an authorized health care practitioner to use cannabis for medical purposes, you can receive your products from Growlegally.

Firstly, you or any responsible person, preferably a support worker associated with your application must print and fill out the License Producers Registration form. All forms and documents required must be original and mailed afterwards to the License producer for verification and registration. Upon approval, you will be contacted, assigned a GrowLegally client id number and will be sent instructions on how to proceed in placing your order. Once you have the authorization, you can walk into any dispensary with your signed medical document and your dosage will be given to you without hassle.

Now that you have an authorization or license to use medical marijuana, you are permitted by law as a licensed medical marijuana patient to either grow for yourself, or designate another person to grow on your behalf, thereby creating a boost to commercial production of the drug to sustain the rising medical marijuana community. This license to grow is allowed by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) while the older Medical Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR) system and combining it with the Marijuana for Medical Purpose Regulations (the MMPR).

The application for a license to grow marijuana can be in three categories which includes getting a Personal production license, Designated Production, and Commercial Production. We are going to be looking at each of this category to enlighten prospective growers on what growing medical marijuana entails under these categories, while looking into how the application can be made with ease.

Growing weed is illegal in many parts of the world but do not fret already, producing, distributing and sales of marijuana for medical purposes is currently legal in Canada but this have to be rooted on a federal license. There are many consultants, organization and even individuals that assist companies or even individuals in obtaining a license. Growlegally is one of such organizations or consulting bodies that renders assistance to prospective cannabis businesses in Canada.

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) is sought of the frame work that permits or allows you to grow cannabis at home for personal medical use or produce, distribute and sell marijuana commercially as a business And As such, there are different types of licenses.

How to apply for Personal production license

At GrowLegally, patients enjoy the absolute commitment which displays in the form of rights to access strain specific medicine of the highest quality, which is channeled at their conditions and also at affordable rates. The option for personal production of medical cannabis is quite beneficial to patients in many ways, especially on the platform of accessibility and cost effectiveness. In other words it is cost effective to grow your own medical marijuana rather than purchasing at standard market rates. One thing you ought to know is that as a personal producer, you also have access to the additional therapeutic benefits of constant access to naturally grown medical marijuana, and the satisfaction one derives is worth it.

Applying for this license on Growlegally is quite easy as all you need is to access the grower’s online registration and ensure to click on personal producer and upon click next a registration from will be displayed where you are required to fill in your personal details. You are to ensure that all your details are accurate to avoid delay in the process and if peradventure you are stocked somewhere, you can contact Growlegally for assistance.

Applying For Designated Production License

Since there are no longer any legal uncertainties in the production of medical marijuana, GrowLegally as a consulting platform are now innovating current practices in the Canadian medical cannabis industry, for patients and growers alike. So therefore, growers who are interested in growing for licensed medical cannabis patients seeking alternative ways of obtaining their medicine, can take opportunity of the GrowLegally GrowCo program which offers all growers the opportunity to operate as a part of a larger collective ‘growing ecosystem’, and to enjoy the supports of a much larger growing operation. So the choice is yours whether to grow in a single or multiunit growing facility. Applying for a designated grower license is quite different from the personal production license. In the designated license, growers are required to apply online using this link Growlegally and complete the GrowLegally registration. And thereafter Schedule a business development meeting with a Specialists and business consultant from Growlegally. A copy of a government issued ID and an original police record check showing you have not been convicted of a drug related offense in the last 10 years is also required and upon Completion of the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) forms: Annex B, all the forms are then being submitted to health Canada for a review and processing of the designated growers license.

Applying for Commercial Production License

Production of medical marijuana for commercial production is the most tasking of all categories of growing medical marijuana. It involves a thorough check and analysis of the environment commercial growers intends to use for the production, other items on the checklist includes, equipment’s and facilities, production processes, environmental conditions, security system. Though grow legally will function to provide advice and assistance with quality assurance during the production process. The application for commercial production is similar to that of designated production since many persons are involved in the consumption and not just a few.