Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Canada – All You Need to Know.

Poster on
August 21, 2018

As we are approaching a major uphaul in legislation across the entirety of Canada as recreational cannabis is set to become legal; cannabis dispensaries of all shapes, sizes and indeed of differing grades of quality are popping up in all the nooks and crannies within major cities across the nation. As merchants look to capitalize upon what is set to be the biggest legislative change surrounding marijuana of recent times, medical and recreational dispensaries in Canada are set to be the start up business of choice of professionals and amateurs a-like, creating a potential mine-field in standards seen from shop to shop.

Who can I trust?

You may have noticed that new ‘marijuana shop’ open in town, advertising its medicinal cannabis and rightly so you are asking whether the products promised inside can be trusted. What may surprise you then is that sales of both recreational and medicinal cannabis within any of these walk-in dispensaries is still illegal under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act. Currently in Canada, a business can only apply for a federal license to produce, distribute or sell marijuana as a web-based mail-order online business. Therefore, at this current moment, all storefronts in a physical “bricks and mortar” building are technically prohibited, although it has become a bit of a legal grey-area surrounding how these dispensaries are being policed. The only people who can legally sell you the medical cannabis you require are those that have had a license granted by Health Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). These licences aren’t the easiest to acquire and any Licensed Producer (LP) who holds one must adhere to specific sets of regulations meaning that the grade listed on any marijuana sold is completely truthful. Health Canada has the power to suspend or revoke a licence and to prosecute any LP proven to not comply with the regulations set. Therefore, to know you can truly trust what a dispensary is selling, the advice would be to first check online to see if they have had a license granted via Health Canada.    

How do I to speak to a Health Professional?

In order to purchase medical cannabis, the patient also has to have a licence issued under the ACMPR guidelines. These can either be accessed by speaking to your family doctor or by speaking to a telemedical health professional over the internet or via a phone call. There is a slight disadvantage to speaking to a family doctor because they may not be licensed to prescribe cannabis or may not trust using medical cannabis as a treatment due to previous stigmas, even though it has been legal since 2001. This is where NamasteMD aims to help. We will give you access to a telemedical service so that you can speak to the exact health care practitioner you need for your condition. You will be able to gain access to talk to them and be shopping for medical cannabis within 24 hours, all at no charge for the user. In addition to this they are trained to direct you to the exact LP you need to suit your marijuana needs. To be certain that you are receiving the exact grade of cannabis you require with no fuss, then what appears to be the most efficient way would be to sign up to NamasteMD today and be guided by our health care professionals into a safe and easy purchase.