How to Apply for a Medical Cannabis Prescription in Canada

Poster on
August 20, 2018

Following an incredible increase of almost 100% in patients registered to receive medical cannabis in the 2017-18 fiscal year ( in conjunction with the rise of research into the medical properties of medicinal marijuana, it is no surprise that more Canadians are becoming aware of the benefits that marijuana can produce for therapeutic requirements and using it as a replacement for their ailments instead of more conventional drugs such as opiates. It is therefore no shock to find that more people want to find out about the most cost-effective way to apply for a medical marijuana prescription, and what additional benefits you may be entitled to.

Free Prescriptions

At NamasteMD we believe that medical marijuana should be accessed by all that require it and because of this we absorb any of the costs occurred during the prescription process – if you obtain a prescription through our website it will be free (usually costing in the region of $299.00 from other sources).

Simple Process

With access through the website or the app (available on iPhone & android) it is impossible to go wrong as you are guided through the easy to follow 4 step process.

Next Day Shopping

We will also will be able to prescribe you within 24 hours of applying so you will be able to use your prescription from a Licensed Producer (LP) the very next day.

Access to Medical Professionals

You will have access to trained nurses that will prescribe you from the comfort of your own home and give you dedicated and consistent follow-up care throughout your prescription – and as mentioned before, all to no expense to yourself. These professionals will also be able to guide you through the best LP’s to suit your requirements.

All Your Costs May Be Covered

Some insurance policies will cover the cost of your prescription, and as medicinal cannabis is becoming more popular, more insurance companies are having the debate on whether to include it. This could mean you are eligible to medical cannabis with the costs covered completely by your insurance company. So, it is worth checking your policy to see if it is included.

Additional Benefits for Veterans

Most prescriptions for medical marijuana will see patients obtain around 3 grams per day, whereas veterans can easily be prescribed up to 10 grams per day. Veterans will be able to claim 3 grams per day back from Veterans Affairs Canada up to maximum cost of $8.50 per gram. You can still be prescribed more but you may have to pay for the additional amounts unless you are eligible for an “exceptional approval”. It is estimated that 1 in 5 veterans are prescribed 10 grams per day. To be approved for your medicinal cannabis reimbursement, all you have to do is forward a postal request to:- Veterans Affairs CanadaSpecial Authorization Unit

PO Box 6200 STN LCD 1Moncton NB E1C 8R2

Containing the following information: -

  • Your Name and Client ID (K Number);
  • A diagnosis from your health care practitioner to confirm diagnosis (which you can obtain through using NamasteMD);
  • A health care practitioner completed medical document complying with ACMPR (which you can obtain through using NamasteMD);
  • A copy of your completed registration form with a Licensed Producer (LP) (By using NamasteMD you will be put through to a medical professional who will recommend an LP suitable for your needs).

Veterans can also be eligible to purchase any equipment deemed to be medicinally beneficial. In other words, you may be able to be reimbursed for the purchase of a vaporizer or any other equipment used to consume your medicinal cannabis, as long as it is approved by your health professional – something which we have at NamasteMD.


The benefits available through the NamasteMD website are not limited to the content of this page and will be based on your own personal circumstances. If you wish to find out more, please head to the website or download the app and book your free consultation today.