NamasteMD – Medical Cannabis Prescriptions from Your Home

Poster on
August 13, 2018

From on-the-go professionals with minimal spare time to people leading a quieter life in more rural and remote areas, everyone can benefit from not having to visit a doctor face-to-face to gain access to a medical professional for a consultation. NamasteMD is the platform that will take you through the whole process of obtaining your medical cannabis prescription from start to finish and all from the comfort of your own home. All you need is access to an internet connection either through the app (available through apple & android) or through our website meaning that securing your medical marijuana prescription has never been easier.

Simple step-by-step process

All at no cost to the user what-so-ever, NamasteMD will provide its patients with a professional service that from the point of filling in the initial application form, you could be issued with the prescription and be shopping at a licensed producer (LP) within 24 hours. The process starts with a short application form that is used to acquire information about your medical history, which is then analysed to allow us to find a medical professional best suited to your personal needs. From here you will be asked to select an appointment slot at a time convenient for yourself, which will allow you access to highly skilled medical nurses who will connect with you via a secure video-consultation platform, and it will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Obtaining your prescription

If fortuitous, you will now have a medical cannabis prescription that will allow you to instantly purchase marijuana from an LP. This prescription will tell you how many grams of dried cannabis you should consuming per day to best suit your condition, where each month you will be allowed to purchase 30 times this daily amount (e.g If your daily amount is 3g, you will be allowed to purchase 30 x 3g = 90g per month). The monthly limit is how much medical cannabis you can possess at any one time to stay within the law. The prescription will also contain an expiry date (where you should be looking to book a new appointment prior to this date if you intend to continue legally possessing marijuana), and an upper limit for how much THC the marijuana you purchase can contain. This upper limit will be based on the condition you have and your previous experience with medical marijuana. The experienced nurses are also trained in recommending an LP to best suit your needs based upon the criteria of your prescription. This will allow you to go instantly to a website recommended by a professional and to purchase marijuana legally online.

Support throughout your prescription

At NamasteMD we are highly motivated by providing a start-to-finish medical service to our patients, and this doesn’t just stop at issuing the prescription. We want to ensure that throughout the duration of your treatment you are completely comfortable and it is our aim to provide the best follow up care we possibly can. We encourage all people who use NamasteMD to talk to use about how your prescription is working or whether your needs have changed. We can book you in for a re-consultation through the app and the website and again all as quick as the process previously outlined.  

Our patients are important to us

The importance of providing the perfect start to finish process of obtaining and then using a medical cannabis prescription is paramount is us at NamasteMD. Have a look at our website or app today and never be without your prescriptions again.